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In today’s competitive marketplace, IT transformation is a requirement, not an option.

The problem is not the destination; it’s the journey.
Today for an organisation to transform the business they need to formulate a digital strategy which would in return, promote agile practices, bolsters technology talent, manages a portfolio of initiatives and delivers ROI.
They need to increase the speed of their IT — all while staying in sync with the evolving needs of the business.

Leveraging IT transformation would not only help them connect more closely with the customers but also accelerate the pace of innovation and as a result will give a greater competitive edge.

“Today digitally transformed organisation have an edge: tomorrow only digital business will succeed”

To cope up with these challenges, the CIO and IT Heads are creating a new form of strategies— that modernise their infrastructure, automate IT delivery and transform IT operations which significantly improve their business agility.

The Business Transformation Through IT Summit would have these remarkable CIO's coming under one roof to discuss how IT is helping them to transform their business.

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Key themes to be addressed, but not limited to:

IT Innovation: Accelerating the business performance

Changing role of CIO's for business performance

Raising IT Performance through right technology

Strategies to maximise your ROI through IT Innovation

Secret of Success: Cost Effective IT Strategies